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Dr.-Raghukanth,-Consultant Pulmonologist, Medicover Hospitals,online news,Hyderabad, November11th, 2020:Prevalence of Covid-19 virus a major cause of worry to people aged over 65 yrs –
People indulging in smoking & alcohol must stay extra cautious this season
Pneumonia is the single biggest ‘infectious’ disease that
leads to largescale deaths among infants and old-age population in India, and around the
World. With winter season arriving in India and temperatures dropping, this ‘forgotten
epidemic’ is back in focus as Covid-19 virus has caused great despair among aged people.

Dr.-Raghukanth,-Consultant Pulmonologist, Medicover Hospitals
Winter has arrived! Stay cautious to reduce the risks of pneumonia

On the eve of World Pneumonia Day 2020, Medicover Hospitals has organized an awareness session on causes and means to mitigate this deadly ailment. While air pollution is a major cause resulting into pneumonia, lack of access to fresh drinking water, unhealthy dietary practices too add to the disease burden.


Commenting on the problem, Dr. Raghukanth, Consultant Pulmonologist, Medicover Hospitals said, “Unlike Covid-19 which is a respiratory virus, pneumonia is caused by bacteria or virus or even fungi, and this fills pus and fluid in lungs, leaving victims fighting for breath! Anyone can get pneumonia, but many factors can increase your chances of getting sick and having a more severe illness. One of the most important factors is the age. People aged 65 and over are at increased risk because their immune system is less able to fight off infections.”

“People who smoke and/or consume alcohol must stay extra cautious because pneumonia hurts such individuals the most. This year, when Covid-19 virus wrecked societies, the additional burden of pneumonia will have a devastating effect on the Indian medical set-up. While treatment is available for pneumonia, it coupled with coronavirus complicates the chances of survival,” added Dr. Raghukanth.

Efforts to improve access to primary health services in India have contributed to substantial reductions in pneumonia mortality in the past decade; however, pneumonia remains the leading cause of mortality. And reducing the burden of pneumonia morbidity through primary interventions will become increasingly important.