Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 Online News, January 3,2024: These days almost everyone is using mobile and internet. People use Google as a search engine for the Internet. Google is a popular search engine, used by millions of people on the Internet.

If we need to search something, we only use Google. Every information is available on Google. But you need to be careful while searching on Google. There are some things that should never be searched on Google. This can get you into trouble. You may even go to jail. So let’s find out what not to search on Google.

How to make a bomb..?

Never search how to make a bomb on Google. Because of this you can get into big trouble. You may go to jail. Google takes this type of search seriously. Google immediately gives the IP address of the user who searched for such terms to the security agencies.

Child porn..?

Both making and viewing child pornography are illegal. In such a situation, never search for child pornography on Google. If you are caught like this, you may have to go to jail. If you search something like this on Google, your IP address will identify you, then you will go to jail.

Are you sharing the victim’s name and photo?

It is illegal to share a photo or name of a victim of harassment or abuse. The Supreme Court has ruled that no person should post the photo of such a woman in print, electronic or social media etc. If you do this, you may go to jail.

Google search errors

Movie piracy

Strict laws have also been made regarding movie piracy. In such a situation, do not download pirated movies from Google. If you are found guilty of movie piracy, the Cinematography Act 1952 will punish you with a minimum of 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 10 lakhs fine will have to be paid.


Searching abortion on Google is a crime. How to get an abortion should not be searched on Google. It is illegal. Doing this will result in imprisonment.

Private photo and video..

Not only Google, it is a crime to share someone’s photo or video without permission. If you do this, you will have to go to jail.