Sat. Jun 15th, 2024 online news,Hyderabad: May 21st, 2024: Freedom Healthy Cooking Oil introduces its new campaign ‘Are You Buying Right?’ as an extension of the campaign ‘Dhyaan-Se-Lijiye’ to spread the awareness among consumers, to check the quantity of edible oil in the 1 Litre Pouch being purchased.

As per the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, The Government of India, every 1 Litre Pouch of Sunflower Oil must contain 910 grams of oil, however some brands sell 1 Litre look alike pack with lesser quantity (850-870 grams) of edible oil in the pack

The campaign ‘Are You Buying Right?’ is aimed at encouraging consumers to check the quantity of edible oil mentioned on the pack before purchasing, so that they are not deceived. The campaign urges people to ‘Be Aware’ and not be tricked into purchasing a pack of oil resembling 1 Litre pouch with less oil.

It urges consumers to turn the pack and check the quantity of oil in the pack, to be sure that they are paying the right price for the quantity mentioned on the pack and safeguard themselves from falling prey to unfair practices.  The campaign also highlights the Guarantee that each 1 litre pouch of Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil has 910 grams of refined sunflower oil.  

Speaking on the occasion Mr. P Chandra Shekhara Reddy, Senior Vice-President of Sales & Marketing at Gemini Edibles & Fats India Ltd, said, “Our campaign ‘Are You Buying Right?’ shows our commitment to consumer empowerment.

We believe in informing the consumers about their rights and ensuring they understand what they’re purchasing in the market.

It’s necessary for the consumers to check the quantity of edible oil in the pouch before they buy any brand of the sunflower oil, to safeguard themselves from being deceived. We at Freedom Healthy Cooking Oils Guarantee that each 1 Litre Pouch will contain 910 grams of edible oil.

Our request to the consumers is to Check the quantity of oil in the pouch before you buy – Always Buy Right”.

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