Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 online news,Hyderabad, February 2, 2024:Gamepoint, a prominent sports services provider has announced the fifth edition of its highly anticipated Corporate Badminton Championship which will take place at the high-quality sports centre in Hyderabad from February 3 to 4, 2024.

The Corporate Badminton Championship is an initiative of Gamepoint that aims to promote and incorporate the numerous benefits of sports amongst the employees in the corporate world, thereby promoting improved physical health, mental well-being, and encouraging enhanced teamwork among the employees.

Commenting on the tournament, Siddharth Reddy, Co-Founder of Gamepoint, stated, “We are excited to bring together corporate professionals for the fifth edition of the Corporate Badminton Championship.

This tournament is now a milestone for the corporate employees as they look forward to participate and compete. This tournament over the years have also taken a pivotal step toward integrating physical well-being and teamwork in the corporate world.

Gamepoint is dedicated to creating a culture that values sports and fitness and we hope this event inspires everyone to think about its importance in a new light. We look forward to witnessing some of the biggest corporate companies engage in exciting badminton action on our state-of-the-art courts.”

Corporate Badminton Championship will be conducted in a unique team event format along with 7 individual events. In the team event, a total of 8 companies will participate which include JP Morgan Chase and Co.,

Goldman Sachs, INFOSYS, Novartis India Limited, Colruyt group, FinMkt, Samrat Group, alongside last year’s winner Optum.

More than 100 participants will be competing in seven individual events including Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, 35+ Men’s Singles, and 35+ Men’s Doubles.

Each game in the tournament will be decided by a single game of 30 points.

“We are thrilled to be part of Gamepoint’s Corporate Badminton Championship. Engaging in sports not only promotes a healthier lifestyle among our employees but also strengthens teamwork.

We look forward to the spirited competition and the opportunity for our professionals to showcase their athletic prowess,”said participant Deepak Dixit fromNovartis.

Teams, comprising 4-6 shuttlers with a minimum of one female participant, will be formed into groups to compete in a round-robin.

After the group stage, the competition will progress to two separate knockout stages: the Champions Cup and the Challengers Cup.

“At Optum, we believe in the power of sports to enhance individual well-being and build strong, cohesive teams. We have been part of every edition of the Corporate Badminton Championship as it aligns with our commitment to promoting a healthy work-life balance and we are eager to not only participate in the tournament but to win,” expressed excited SrinadhNandikolla fromOptum.

The first-placed team from each group will qualify for the Champions Cup, while the second-placed teams will advance to the Challengers Cup. In both cups, they compete in the semi-finals and finals to decide the ultimate winners.

The semis will be taking place on Sunday and will be live streamed on: