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ICC WEB CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL E-TECHNOLOGY IN MEDICAL AND BIOSECTOR,online news,hyderabad,july 2nd, 2020:Chairman Southern Region,Indian Chamber of commerce:Warm Welcome to All the delegates and Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Shri Rakesh Mishra, Mr. Sujai and Sri Durga Rao.ICC is proud to be in the forefront of innovation and vibrant policies in potential avenues of industry, and continue to support state governments through policy advocacy, industry-institute interaction and partnerships.In 2018 and 2019, ICC Southern council achieved a great deal of success in building ecosystem through international collaboration and bringing key industry players to Telangana for sectors of the electric vehicle industry, clean-technology, MSME, etc.We are committed to support the industry and governments to help in challenging times to keep momentum in manufacturing activity and identify employment opportunities. Today we abide by our commitment and hence organize this initiative in health and the biotech sector to identify solutions and bridge forward linkage in the market.Technology and medicine have gone hand and hand for many years. Consistent advances in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and the medical field have saved millions of lives and improved many others. As the years pass by and technology continues to improve, there is no telling what advances will come next.For Today event the identified Beneficiaries are:Industry, Investors, Research Institutes, Scientists, companies and Senior Officials from State Government Departments. and the new avenues are

Ø Ventilators and all Biomedical devices

Ø Tele-health

Ø Virtual reality 

Ø Precision medicine 

Ø Health wearables

Ø Artificial organs

Ø 3-D printing

Ø Robotic surgery 

Ø Smart inhalers and many more

Now I am honoured to invite chief guest shri jayesh ranjan to do inaugural address


Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IASPrincipal Secretary, ITE & C, Gov’t of Telangana:I would like to congratulate the ICC Southern region for organizing this E Seminar on technologies in the Medical and Bio Sector. I am sure that all the eminent speakers will be presenting the details of their technologies. I think all we speak about innovative solutions. the 5thanniversary of digital India and I was speaking in a panel discussion while ago and I told them we don’t have called one India there are clearly two India’s and COVID have a dividend that India which is extremely destroyed and we have never imagined that millions of people face the same kind of distress. It is very clear that there are two India that want even recognize what are the issues and what are the challenges and what are the problems for that India and only when this kind of disparate time comes to become aware of that. o that the point which I am trying to drive at is that all solutions, all the technologies that we are working must be on the entire scope and envision India.  PM Modi has spoken 5 years back in digital India launch that technology is the tool for economic advantage and growth and India will be counted as a strong country. That is good ambition to have given the current scenario I feel that digital India can also become a very strong tool to empower the other half which is on this side of the digital India and how can all the technologies including Medtech technologies er harnessed for wellbeing.The Number of economists studied on the conditions of the poorest of the poor and they addressed as the bottom of the pyramid. They have studied the bottom of the pyramid scenarios and there is enough data today  to show that health care is one of the biggest items and they have found the following two things  as strong evidence across countries particular in India

 1. Out of pocket expenses in a poor family is highest.

2. one incident of ill health pull the family back into poverty, there are multiple government programs for people to benefit in health.  people start calming out of the poverty ladder but one single episode of hospitalization or ill health will pull them back into povertyHealth is the most important area we must intervene to ensure that the gap between these two India’s which is evident in this Covid times that bridge a lot.Just to ensues that how can this will be deliver to bottom of the pyramid how to create a bile and how do explain and benefit of the value of the technologies to them to ensure the visible difference because of using this technologies they did not have wasted time and they did not have waste money. This is the one area so where which we can get lot of support for digital India programs , Telangana programs have become the tool for empowerment to reach out to the last mile and the bottom of the pyramid.I would convey my appreciation to all of you and I do know that you have great progress in using emerging technologies using the power of the technologies put together and the fact that you have done the most work in Telangana and in Hyderabad also give us lots of pride and Essences of achievement. But do use this particular lens of digital as a method of employment, empowering the bottom of the pyramid. If the government have to give a push it is need to work with private sector with startups with research institutions with academic institutions we has to have very inclusive approach.I do look forward to ICC to creating a bridge in all such partnership can approach and we hope to progress further.Look forward to stay connected with all


Dr. Rakesh K Mishra,Sr Principal Scientist and Group Leader, CCMB:precision medicine size doesn’t fit for all. When individuals are so different in there appearance and in there look and their liking their response many things why is that we are treated with same drug and same medicines. We realize the problem and we don’t have information. Example 50% of psychiatric drug  don’t work on are individual they have given and cancer drug also work 50% due to round of chemotherapy they are many side effects for over dose , under dose drugs that is because we don’t consider the uniqueness of the individuals when we are treating. We should consider their uniqueness in there genome and sequencing the genome which means the extracting genome information are really affordable in large extent this uniqueness of clinical symptoms are in the case of Covid 19 our country is responding differently in teams of morbidity mortality and a proposition of a asymptotic people and in still it is a question why we have less mortality when compared to many developed to countries.Now there are big investment coming in pharmacogenomics and collecting genomic information from people and then putting the drug trial on this epidemiological data in economic contest once you lick with that then you will be able to decide the trial is success or not. The idea is to collect more information and to collect more epidemiological and pharmacological data and put that in genome content.Everybody is realizing that we can’t use United states data, European data, Japan data or Chinese data because there ethnic background are different this precision medicine when we are talking about India will have to generate its own date otherwise we will not be able to enter into the era of Genomic live medicine precision medicineCCMB has simplified a method and informed to ICMR and State government that this method can be adopted which is collecting samples where we can do the test in half time and 40% present cost and there four we can triple the testing capacity from the one we don’t need new kit we don’t need anything new we just need to follow different way I Hope ICMR will take it and test will become affordable and efficient. We can do that we have testing center and validation center national resources and access to the samples we are interacting with company developing new method that with those technique we can test up to 50,000 samples per day that can be game changer particular region and containment zones and cost of the test will be less than 200 Rs.

Mr. SujaiKarampuri

Director ITE & C Gov’t of Telangana

CEO – T-WorksGov’t of Telangana

TWorks Hyd  built an affordable BVM-based ventilator in collaboration with several Hyderabad startups, Honeywell and Qualcomm. The team designed the ventilator in consultation with NIMS doctors to be used for treating Covid-19 patients.