Mon. May 20th, 2024
VacYa This ‘Made in India’ platform sees tremendous growth during the lockdown;onlinme newsaHyderabad, July 2, 2020: VacYa, a digital conferencing platform, witnesses tremendous growth during the nation-wide lockdown being observed for the last 10 weeks. The platform today has over 30,000 signups as the software has been made available for free during this unsettling times of COVID-19 making it the largest ‘Made in India’ unified communications and collaboration platform.VacYa Meet helps enable enterprise employees, virtual teams, and custom vertical users in fields including Government, Healthcare, Education, and more to collaborate in real-time as though they were working in the same room. VacYa’s solutions help simplify business processes, improve results, and increase efficiency in your daily activities with Security being a fundamental parameter.Commenting on the platform and its growth, Mr. Chandra S. Potineni, Co-Founder, VacYa said, “Thousands of people have used our platform already and it is growing at a steady pace. Users appreciate the simplicity of the product. VacYa makes security the top priority in the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of its networks, platforms, and applications. The product is built on the latest WebRTC signaling & media standards, adhering to all required security protocols. The VacYa platform supports adaptive bandwidth management to ensure that each participant is independently managed, working to maintain the overall quality of the meeting experience for every participant.”As mandated by the Government, VacYa focuses on data localization and privacy. All VacYa India meetings happen locally on Indian servers. With the Government floating the idea of considering to ban foreign-made mobile applications, VacYa is well positioned to be the solution of choice for India with their data localization and security.