Sat. Jun 15th, 2024 online news,Bengaluru,April 24, 2024: PhonePe’s Indus Appstore, India’s homegrown app marketplace, today announced the launch of its Voice Search feature available in 10 Indian languages in addition to English.

This innovative feature transforms the user experience, enabling users to discover apps through voice search in their preferred language. The Voice Search technology is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, ensuring accuracy and precision in understanding diverse accents and speech patterns offering relevant search results.

Vernacular language speakers account for approximately 75% of India’s Internet user base underscoring the need to bridge the linguistic barriers that come with discovering and engaging with apps.

Traditional text-based search in regional languages pose numerous challenges, including the need for specialized keyboards and complex character compositions. These hurdles hinder seamless communication.

Indus Appstore’s Voice Search technology elevates user experience by allowing users to freely express themselves in their local language with just a tap of the voice search button.

This aligns with Indus Appstore’s mission to empower users with inclusive and accessible features, catering to varying levels of literacy and linguistic preferences. Additionally, this new feature is a positive development for app developers as it is proven to boost app installs.

Speaking on the launch, Akash Dongre, Co-founder and CPO, Indus Appstore said, “The new Voice Search feature is our effort towards creating an inclusive and accessible app store. 

With 82% of smartphone users engaging in voice-activated technology, integration of Indian languages has been the strongest growth driver for tech across the six-to-sixty age spectrum. The user-centric feature positions Indus Appstore at the forefront of transformative Voice Technology that is the need of the decade.”

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