Sat. Jun 15th, 2024 online news, Hyderabad, April 23,2024: Reliance Jio yesterday announced its quarterly results, and the numbers are truly staggering.

As of March 2024, Jio has a total subscriber base of 481.8 million of which 108 million subscribers are on Jio’s True5G Standalone network.

Total traffic on the Jio network reached 40.9 Exabytes, up a staggering 35.2% YoY, driven by increasing traction on 5G and Homes. Its 5G services account for nearly 28% of mobility data traffic.

The monthly data traffic on the Jio network has crossed 14 Exabytes. Just for context, India’s monthly mobile data traffic in 2018 was 4.5 Exabyte.

Since COVID the annual data traffic has grown 2.4x with per capita monthly data usage skyrocketing to 28.7 GB from just 13.3 GB three years ago.

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