Fri. May 24th, 2024, online,news,22nd march, National: The aim is to protect the medical team from exposure. Especially anaesthetics if they keep doing unnecessary intubation for silly electives they will start falling down like flies and soon when the waves hits hard you will be left by no staff to intubation for ventilation.

  1. No routine antenatal visits.
  2. Scan only in suspected iugr after 34 weeks.
  3. Elective sections only for strict obstetric indication.
  4. Aim to avoid unnecessary surgery because many will have assumptic infection and you need to keep them out of theatre.
  5. Gynaecology :
    Mainly suspected ectopics and bleeding miscarriage. Minimize evacs if you can manage medically or expectantly.
  6. Gyn onc cases only those with aim of treatment not prolonging life, stage 1a endometrial adenocarcinoma.
  7. Ovarian malignancy surgery will leave patients pretty much a sitting duck for infection and recurrence is almost certain, only operate if suspected bowel obstruction.
  8. Postmenopausal bleeding, scan and pipelle avoid hysterocopy and d&c again for minimising intubation and GA as you can get caught in assymptomatic carrier.
  9. Abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain: clearly a no no, manage at home medically….
  10. Infertility investigations and management : totally suspended.
    Encourage long term
  11. contraception : like depo. It is not a good time to fall pregnant.
  12. Vulval complainsts: suspend review and stop follow up.
  13. Fetal medicine; suspend if not aiming to terminate.
  14. Cervical screening : suspend and only manage abnormal smear.