Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 online news,January 21,2024 : Actually, the Ramlala consecration at the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is going to take place tomorrow i.e. January 22, but a very special pooja will be held at the sanctum sanctorum on Sunday. Pandit Durga Prasad, the priest of Ramlala temple, said that on this day there will be many kinds of puja programs and also there will be a vigil at the Ramlala temple.

He said that special Aghora Pujas related to Lord Shiva will be performed today. Pandit Durga Prasad said that the most important of today’s rituals is the Aghora Puja of Lord Shiva. He said that all the negative energies will be removed and Aghora mantra will be worshiped to bring positive energies. It is clear that there is an inextricable relationship between Shiva and Rama. This is the reason why this type of pooja is performed before Prana Pratishtha.

Pandit Durga Prasad said that the most important ritual is the Aushadhivas of the Lord, in which all the medicines of the world in the country are soaked in water and the Lord is anointed with that water. The idea behind this is to absorb all medicinal powers in the idol. For this, 114 pots of medicated water will be used.

Pandit Durgaprasad said that a vigil would be held a day before any big ritual. But after the evening pooja, the Swami can go to sleep, but many people will keep vigil in the sanctum sanctorum along with the priest. In a sense, this will be Jagran Utsav.

Ramlala, who is being worshiped in a temporary temple, will be brought to the sanctum sanctorum this evening. Pandit Durga Prasad said that the program could have been done earlier, but the idol was being made available to different types of residences. Keeping this situation in mind, the idol is being brought today. Because today all the dwellings of God are finished. After that a place is being prepared to keep the idol from the temporary temple.