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tourist-places_365 Online News, April 16th, 2023: India is a treasure trove of natural sights. From the beautiful beaches of the sea coast to the high mountains, river waterfalls, valleys, deserts and salt deserts, there are many tourist spots.

But many tourists prefer to visit only those places. Adventure-loving tourists want to visit every part of India along with the most natural tourist destinations. Now let’s know about such tourist places in India..

There are many tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. A place that tourists love to visit. Foreign tourists also visit these places. There are many national parks here as well as famous tourist centers such as Khajurao, Sanchi and Bhimbetka.


Besides, Bhedaghat is located 25 km from Jabalpur city in Madhya Pradesh. It is a very beautiful area with marble rocks. This marble rock is located on the banks of river Narmada. Its height is up to hundred feet. Spread over a radius of eight km, the sun shines brilliantly on this rock. It is a must visit place.

Living Tree Root Bridge..

Meghalaya in Northeast India is full of natural sights. This mountainous state is also known as the house of clouds. Tourists come here because of the wonderful scenery. It includes places like Cherrapunji, Elephanta Caves, Masinram.

Among them, the Living Tree Root Bridge is the most beautiful. The roots of the tree grown in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya were used in the construction of this bridge.


Mahabaleshwar is a very popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. This is very important. The place has the beauty of the hill as well as the shrine. That is Mahabaleshwar Temple. There are many tourist spots around it. Not everyone knows about these. Needle hole spot is one of them. The view from the top of this mountain is amazing.

Loktak Lake..


Apart from Meghalaya, the state of Manipur also has many beautiful scenery. Do visit this lake in Manipur if you are visiting Northeast India. Loktak Lake is famous for its clear water.

Here floating mud islands are made. Locals call it Kundilu. Aquatic life thrives due to clean water. This lake is 53 km from Imphal. There will be a distance.

Belum Cave..

Go to see Belum Cave in Andhra Pradesh. As a matter of fact, Andhra Pradesh has many caves. Belum Cave is the most famous of these. Its length is 3229 meters.

Included in the main tourist spot of Araku Valley, the interior views of Belum Cave are amazing. The natural artefacts of rocks here will amaze everyone.