Sat. Jun 15th, 2024 online news,May 4th,2024: ZEE5, India’s premier homegrown video streaming platform, is proud to announce the teaser release of the much-anticipated Tamil web series, ‘Thalaimai Seyalagam.’

This gripping political thriller, helmed by National Award-winning director Vasanthabalan and produced by the esteemed Radhika Sarathkumar of Radaan Mediaworks, promises an immersive experience into the cutthroat world of Tamil Nadu politics.

Set against the backdrop of Tamil Nadu’s dynamic political landscape, ‘Thalaimai Seyalagam’ delves into the relentless pursuit of power, weaving a narrative that intricately connects the ambitions of key players vying for control. With stellar performances by acclaimed actors such as Kishore, Shriya Reddy, Aditya Menon, and Bharath, viewers can expect a riveting portrayal of ambition, betrayal, and redemption.

Thalaimai Seyalagam Teaser Link:

At its core, the series explores the journey of one woman’s quest for power, shedding light on the pivotal role of women in shaping political ideologies. Through the characters of Kotravai, Durga, and Abirami, portrayed with depth and nuance, ‘Thalaimai Seyalagam’ captures the essence of resilience amidst the tumultuous realm of politics.

Director Vasanthabalan eloquently articulates the series’ thematic resonance, emphasizing the emergence of a new political paradigm rooted in state autonomy and the fundamental rights of its people. Through a lens that exposes the perils of corruption and the complexities of democratic struggle, ‘Thalaimai Seyalagam’ offers a thought-provoking reflection on the evolving nature of governance.

Actor Shriya Reddy, embodying the multifaceted character of Kotravai, expresses her excitement to bring this compelling story to life. Kotravai’s character, characterized by her sharp intellect and unwavering resolve, serves as a beacon of strength amidst the chaos, embodying the series’ exploration of power dynamics and personal sacrifice.

Premiering exclusively on ZEE5 on May 17, ‘Thalaimai Seyalagam’ promises to captivate audiences with its enthralling narrative, rich character development, and insightful commentary on contemporary politics. As ZEE5 continues to redefine the digital entertainment landscape, this collaboration underscores its commitment to delivering diverse, compelling content to viewers worldwide.

ZEE5 stands at the forefront of India’s OTT revolution, offering a rich tapestry of content in 12 languages, including Originals, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Kids’ Entertainment, News, and more. With an expansive library comprising over 3,500 films, 1,750 TV shows, and 700 originals, ZEE5 ensures a personalized viewing experience across multiple devices and platforms.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and global partnerships, ZEE5 continues to elevate the entertainment experience for millions of users, making it the platform of choice for discerning viewers.

Thamilai Seyalagam

Cast: Kishore, Sriya Reddy, Bharath, Ramya Nambessan, Aditya Menon, Kani Kusruti, Niroop Nandakumar, Darsha Gupta, Sarah Black, Siddharth Vipin, YGM, Santhana Bharathi, Kavitha Bharathi

Written & Directed by: G. Vasanthabalan
Producer: Radikaa Sarathkumar, R. Sarathkumar
Production House: Radaan Mediaworks India Limited
DOP:  Wide angle Ravishankar
Music: Ghibran
Additional Background Score : Simon K King
Art director: V Sasikumar
Action: Don Ashok
Editor: Ravikumar M
Sound Design: Rajesh Saseendran
Mix: Kavi Arun
DI: Mangopost
VFX&CG: Shade69 Studios
Executive Producers- Pooja Sarathkumar, Krishna
Chandar Elango
Line Production Executive – Prabhaahar J

ఇది కూడా చదవండి: ZEE5 రాధికా శ‌ర‌త్ కుమార్ క‌ల‌యిక‌లో రూపొందిన పొలిటిక‌ల్ థ్రిల్ల‌ర్ ‘తలమై సెయల్గమ్’లో ప్రధాన పాత్రధారిగా ‘సలార్’ ఫేమ్ శ్రియారెడ్డి

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ఇది కూడా చదవండి: 46 కోట్ల రీఫండ్ మోసానికి పాల్పడిన ఐదుగురు తెలంగాణ జీఎస్టీ అధికారులను పోలీసులు అరెస్ట్

ఇది కూడా చదవండి: శింగనమల నియోజకవర్గంలో మళ్లీ శైలజానాథ్ దే గెలుపు..?

ఇది కూడా చదవండి: మోసానికి బ్రాండ్ అంబాసిడర్ బాబు..

ఇది కూడా చదవండి: 50 కోట్ల ప్యాసింజర్ ప్రయాణాల మైలురాయిని సాధించిన L&TMRHL.